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Musical Tabletop Coding Framework

A rapid development framework to create musical tabletop PD apps.

Musical Tabletop Coding Framework is a rapid development framework to create musical tabletop PD apps.

MTCF in action!

Proyecto Final Módulo Tabletops Musicales CDSIM 1 from Carles F. Julià on Vimeo.


As we now have access to an Apple laptop, our OSX releases will improve. v0.3e is an example: the data folder is now located inside the application bundle. And it has an icon.

Release v0.3c has focused on a major integration with mMTCF using its format for PD application bundles. It has also fixed some bugs and improved the documentation.

0.3a is out and presents a major upgrade, being totally incompatible with previous versions. In next releases we will include a compatibility layer in order to reuse old code. This change makes MTCF totally compatible with Mobile MTCF (mMTCF), so your MTCF applications will now be useable also in Android!



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  1. Execute the program
  2. Add pd/mtcf-lib to PureData lib paths
  3. Open main.pd patches inside pd/examples/ folders using PureData
  4. Hack!
  5. Read the wiki?


You will need:

Compile it as any other openframeworks app.


This project is released under the MIT license.

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